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How To Stay Healthy If You Sit At AComputer All Day

Working at a computer all day long may not be an active job, but it cantake a toll on your body. And that’s because sitting at a desk for hourson end makes you more likely to feel physical and mental strain. Plus,sitting all day can raise your risk for chronic health issues, like obesityand type 2 diabetes, according to
the CDC.

The Germiest Places In The Airport

While COVID seems to be subsiding in many parts of America, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be concerned with germs. And now that more and more people are flying again, it’s a good time to remind folks that there are a lot of germy areas in our nation’s airports.

Brothers Osborne Share Video For “Younger Me”

As we previously told youBrothers Osborne took part in iHeartRadio’s Can’t Cancel Pride, performing their new song “Younger Me” on the steps of the Tennessee State Capitol building in Nashville. Well, now the pair has released the performance as the song’s music video.

Stiletto Crocs Are A Real Thing Now

High fashion is getting comfy in Balenciaga’s latest shoe collaboration with Crocs. The comfort shoe brand and the luxury fashion house are teaming up once again for Balenciaga’s 2022 spring collection and they’re putting a new spin on the classic clog Crocs is known for by turning it into a stiletto pump.

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