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Common Habits That Make Us Look Older

No one wants to look old before their time, and America’s multi-billion dollar fitness and beauty industries are proof of that. But it turns out, some of the things we do all the time may be undermining our efforts to keep our youthful appearance. These are some of the everyday habits that could be making us look older.

Jason Aldean Drops New Song With Carrie Underwood

As we previously told youJason Aldean was teasing the new duet “If I Didn’t Love You,” but wouldn’t give up the name of his singing partner. Well, the song is now out, with Carrie Underwood joining Jason, but she gave up the news way before the actual release.

How To Eat Your Way To A Flatter Belly

They say “abs are made in the kitchen,” but that could be true for a flat belly, too. Experts tell us that what we eat and drink can have a major impact on the appearance of your stomach. “Diet plays an important role in metabolism, fat storage and fat breakdown,” explains registered dietitian Holly Klamer. And if it’s a flatter midsection you’re after, these eating habits can help you reach that goal.

Cole Swindell Lands New Number One

Cole Swindell has a new number one. The singer’s latest track, “Single Saturday Night,” tops the “Billboard” Country Airplay chart, Cole’s sixth “Billboard” number one. 

Little Big Town’s “Wine Beer Whiskey” Goes Platinum

Little Big Town has another huge hit. The band was just presented with new Platinum certifications for their single “Wine Beer Whiskey.”  The band was surprised with their RIAA plaques during their performance at the Grand Ole Opry this past Saturday.

Brett Young Always Thought He Wanted A Baby Boy

Brett Young and wife Taylor are expecting their second little girl this year, and while he’s excited to have to girls, he admits that when he originally thought of kids, he thought he wanted a baby boy.

Jon Pardi Covers Metallica’s “Wherever I May Roam”

As we previously told youJon Pardi is one of several country stars appearing on the Metallica tribute album, “The Metallica Blacklist," which features artists covering the 12 songs on the rocker’s 1991 classic “The Black Album.”

Lady A Went For An 80s Vibe With “Like A Lady”

Fans of Lady A’s current single “Like A Lady” may have noticed the tune is giving off 80s vibes, and that’s exactly what they were going for. Dave Haywood says that the demo already had a “lot of the pieces” in place for an 80s sound but they decided to “build on that and elevate it.” 

Natalie Hemby Releasing New Album

Natalie Hemby is getting ready to release a new album. The songwriter, and Highwomen member, will drop “Pins and Needles,” her debut album for Fantasy Records, on October 8th. She’s also released the title track, which she co-wrote with Brothers Osborne.

Reddit Tells Us How To Get A Kid To Stop Asking “Why”

Kids are naturally curious, which is part of their charm. They’re taking in so much of the world for the first time and they want to know how it all works, so their inquiring minds are constantly asking “why?” And as much as we want to encourage their curiosity, by the seventh “but, why?,” we start to run out of answers … and patience. Luckily, some parents on Reddit are here to help us get our kids to stop asking “why” all the time.

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