Zach Bryan fans know about his "Belting Bronco" sessions, but for the uninitiated, it's a great way to hear undiscovered or little-known talent, and for the artists, it's a huge boost in exposure; as Zach's star rises, "Belting Bronco" gets bigger, and that amounts to social media gold for these aspiring country artists.

"Belting Bronco" sessions are where Zach drives his Ford Bronco around his home state of Oklahoma while a performer plays and sings in the back. Some folks who have let Zach drive while they play include Slade Coulter, Kat Hasty, Abby Peyton, and Tyler Childers. The latest episode features newcomer Noeline Hofmann

As per usual, as Zach drives and members of his band join Hofmann as she sings a song that Zach helped go viral late last year, "Purple Gas." Judging by the talent she shows off in the video, she might well be on her way to playing bigger stages than the back seat of a Bronco. Check out the video here

Source: WhiskeyRiff


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