Tim McGraw Records Very Special Duet

Tim McGraw has duetted with many famous singers: Faith Hill, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kenny Chesney, Nelly - but his latest duet partner is someone music fans won't know.

Michael Hugo is an average dad, living with his wife and two daughters in Florida. Last April the Hugo family received some bad news: Michael has Stage 4 glioblastoma - a diagnosis that most likely means he won't live to see his 6 and 7-year-old daughters eventually get married. But Michael wanted his daughters to have a very special gift on their very special days - and he reached out to Tim McGraw for help - someone he knew could relate, as Tim's dad Tug McGraw passed from the very same cancer. 

Once Tim's fans saw Mike's video and tagged Tim in it, the singer eventually saw the request - and not only did he respond, he travelled to Florida to meet the family and make it happen in person. The request was a simple one: duet with Mike on the song "My Little Girl" - as a gift to his daughters on the day they wed, knowing he may well not be there in person. Tim, a father of three daughters himself, made the dream a reality - and the family now not only has a forever gift for down the road, but memories of a country star who cared enough to bring that gift to life. 

Source: WhiskeyRiff

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