According to the study:

  • Almost 40% admitted they avoid hiring recent college grads
  • 1 in 5 said they’ve had a recent college grad bring a parent to the interview
  • 21% said they had a candidate who refused to turn their camera on during a virtual interview
  • 38% avoid hiring recent college grads in favor of older workers
  • Almost 50% have had to fire a recent college grad
  • 63% said recent college grads they’ve hired can’t handle the workload


A big reason why employers say they avoid hiring recent college grads is because they find them unprepared for professional life. The employers the survey spoke to also said that during interviews, Gen Z had a hard time making eye contact, used inappropriate language, and didn’t dress appropriately.


“This generation is more concerned about their hobbies and having flexibility around that,” accounting and tech recruiter, Michael Connors, explains. “And they are less money-driven or career progression driven, as far as where they're at and where they want to be long term. Everybody just kind of seems to be living in the moment.”

Source: VOA News



I can’t say I’m super surprised by this – I do think that recent college grads should have more professional training.

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  • Are you surprised by this?
  • Do you work with recent college grads? Can they seem to handle the workload or no?
  • Are you currently in college or a recent grad? Did you have any sort of professional training in college?

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