In last night's episode of Blake Shelton's game show "Barmageddon," Jelly Roll was competing against comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias. And the usually upbeat Jelly was downcast after suffering what seems to be a crippling defeat for the country star.

In a game called "Four Play," which is like foosball played by humans but with multiple balls in play at the same time, Jelly was in one goal and Iglesias was in the other as the teams tried to score on both of them. As time ran out, and the teams were tied, a last-second kick sailed past JR and secured the win for Team Fluffy.

"How ya doin', Jelly?" Blake called out after the defeat. Jelly Roll was downcast, saying "I am an athlete trapped in an alcoholic's body. My spirit's broke." 

  • One more thing: the age-old question of why hockey teams don't put sumo wrestlers in goal to block the largest possible area was answered to some degree, as Jelly was the biggest person on the playing field but his team still lost. 

Source: ETOnline


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