You know about love languages - the idea that people show and feel love in different ways - and how understanding yours, as well as your partner’s love language can help you connect better. Well, it turns out, there are also “texting love languages” and knowing yours and that of a potential partner could help you be more successful with dating.

A survey from dating app Badoo finds:

  • Striking up a conversation is one of the most nerve-wracking things about making a new connection, with a third of users admitting they struggle with this.
  • More than a third say they overthink the content of their messages and worry that a delayed response means the person doesn’t like them, while just over a quarter of users worry they’re messaging too much or responding too quickly.
  • While 70% say mismatched messaging styles can negatively impact a potential connection

To help deal with this issue, Badoo teamed up with sex & relationship therapist Charlene Douglas to create a new prompt for user profiles. Now users will be able to display their “texting love language” to highlight how they prefer to interact with others. The texting love language options include:

  • Texts of Affirmation – Text me all day: This person loves to message all-day, everyday
  • Quality Texter – I need all the detail: This one’s all about detailed messages
  • Receiving GIFs – Emojis over essays: This type might only send an emoji or a reaction, but it doesn’t mean they don’t like you.
  • Texts of Service – Let’s make plans: This person messages for practical reasons only, like to arrange a date
  • Light-touch – I’d rather chat IRL: For those who aren’t into texting and prefer to communicate in real life.

Source: Metro

Talk Back:

  • If you could never communicate using only emojis, at least you’ll know you’re not a good match sooner!
  • What’s your texting love language? Have you ever even thought about it before?
  • Would you include your texting love language on your dating profile? Think it would be helpful?

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