Thomas Rhett & Wife Having Difficulty Picking New Baby Name

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren are expecting their fourth daughter pretty soon and Thomas tells “Entertainment Tonight that his wife is doing “Okay.”

"Lauren has, her pregnancies every time, like, she's just nauseous a lot, but she's such a trooper and such a fighter and such a champion,” he says. “And we're just getting really close to the point of like 'I just wish we could have it today.' So I guess 6 more weeks and we'll be ready to rock.”

One thing the couple has had an issue with is picking a name, with him noting they put so much thought into the first three, that it’s hard to do that again.

He notes, "And so we've gone back and forth thinking about state names, thinking about flower names, thinking about places that we love, could that resonate into a name?" He adds that his current favorite is Georgia, sharing it's a top-five contender.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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