Red Flags That Mean It’s Time To Get A New Job

“The Great Resignation” is still going strong and economists expect more people to continue leaving their jobs in big numbers. But not everyone has the luxury of quitting, thanks in part to loss of income during the pandemic and inflation. If you’re on the fence about finding a new career opportunity or staying put, career experts share signs that you should quit ASAP.

You’re constantly overworked - “Now more than ever, employees are realizing that it’s not fair to work 80 hours a week and for employers to not respect the fact that their employees have life obligations,” explains Cheryl Grace, executive coach and CEO of Powerful Penny. “This is what the Great Resignation is all about.”

You have no room to grow - It’s hard to move up in a company if there are no other positions there you’re interested in.

You feel belittled by coworkers - If the people you work with make your job miserable, why continue putting yourself through that every day? Even if the role is exactly what you want, but the environment is toxic, you deserve better.

You hate talking about your work - We spend a huge portion of our lives at work and Ewelina Melon, head of people at customer service platform Tidio, says if you feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or annoyed when talking about your job, it may be a red flag that it’s time to find a new one.

You procrastinate every morning - Motivated employees start the day by checking emails and making to-do lists, but if you’re procrastinating instead of doing those “easy” preparation tasks, career coach Chris Delaney says that’s “a clear sign of an unhappy or unfulfilled worker.”

You find out you’re underpaid - You can quickly find out the salary range for your current role or industry by using LinkedIn or Glassdoor and if you discover you’re severely underpaid, it’s a definite sign you should move on, according to career consultant Colleen PaulsonYou’re not learning anything new - In order to continue to grow and develop, you need to be challenged and have the opportunity to learn more. If you’re not, career development coach Michelle Enjoli says it’s a sign you need a new job.

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If you work with someone who always asks if you have “a case of the Mondays,” that’s a sign, too!
Are these red flags making you question your current job? Do you fantasize about leaving?
What was the straw that broke the camel’s back and made you finally quit your job?

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