Earth-shattering news from Columbus, Ohio over the weekend. While the world was distracted with all manner of serious headlines, the real news was unfolding on stage at Ohio Stadium. 

To fully feel the weight of the moment, let's set the stage: Morgan Wallen, in the middle of perhaps one of the greatest career years any country artist has had since Garth Brooks' early days, was set to bring his hugely successful "One Night At A Time" tour through Ohio. As he was taking the stage, fans throughout the venue noticed something odd. Wallen's trademark mullet...was gone. To make matters even more serious - his facial hair had been shaved off as well!

Obviously something needed to be said. Two songs into the performance, the singer stopped to clear the air about his new look. "Before we get any further, I didn’t like the long hair anymore so I shaved it off." While this does address the biggest change - the missing mullet - it does not address the clean-shaven face, leaving fans troubled. Which begs the question: have you checked on the Morgan Wallen fans in your life today?

Early mid-life crisis? Perhaps temporarily kidnapped by a cult? Maybe Morgan just wanted to change it up a bit. And while social media blew up about it, the Earth kept spinning on its axis and life went on. See some of the over-dramatic comments below.

Source:: WhiskeyRiff


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