Morgan Wallen On The Origin Of His Mullet

Morgan Wallen is known for his signature mullet and in a new interview he explains his decision to don the throwback haircut.

He tells the “Tennessean” that it happened a few years ago after taking a tour of CMT’s offices, where he saw a photo with silhouettes of country stars from behind. When asked by the network’s Stacey Cato if he could tell who they are, he was able to, and realized, “I don't know if people can recognize me from the back right now.”

Not long after that he was looking at one of his parent’s photo album. “I got to the one where they're getting married, and my dad had a mullet. And he was 25. I was 25 at the time,” Morgan shares. “I said, 'Man, maybe that's it. I'm gonna get me a mullet. I'm gonna show some respect to my dad and do something a little bit different.'” He adds, “It just caught on, man. That was it. That was 'Game Over.'"

  • Morgan’s new double album “Dangerous: The Double Album” comes out today and he says the title track was inspired by his drunken night last year that lead to his arrest, noting it’s “a warning” to himself. “If you're in a state of mind to where you're going to drink to get away from something, to mute those noises, it doesn't usually end well for me,” he says. “Life always has things that you can run from, and I've had a lot of those over the past couple years.” 

Source: The Tennessean 

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