Needtobreathe Drops Collab With Carly Pearce: Needtobreathe has been teasing their new album "CAVES" for a few weeks now - including the news that they would be collabing with country artists Old Dominion and Carly Pearce. We'd already heard the Old Dominion track; with the album dropping Friday, we finally got to hear the song the rock band did with Carly Pearce. The band says that being a rock band didn't factor into their decision to work with country artists. "Honestly, the fact that they were country didn’t really enter the picture a huge amount, like it was just artists that we liked," lead singer Bear Rineheart said. 

Jelly Roll Invites Tyler Hubbard To Sing With Him - And Greatness Happens: Ever go to see a concert - and a special guest shows up on stage? Ever wonder how that happens? Tyler Hubbard posted a clip on Instagram yesterday that showed exactly how that goes down. It starts with Jelly Roll addressing the camera. "Yo yo yo - Tyler - we got a show in Bakersfield the same night. Come sing with me dude. What time you go on? Call me. Love you." And just like that - it was set. The video shows Tyler in the crowd watching Jelly do his thing - and then joining him on stage as the two went into the Florida Georgia Line song "Cruise." 


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