Luke Bryan's "Farm Tours" are the definition of "win/win." For 14 years, the mini-tours of rural American towns has brought huge big-city concerts to small towns across the country, while raising much needed charitable funds for everything from college scholarships to programs that help feed struggling farm families. The singer just put the wraps on his 14th annual "Farm Tour," and even with the last-minute weather cancellation of the final show in Eyota, Minnesota, the tour was a huge success.

"Hey, y'all, it's Luke Bryan," the singer posted to his Instagram. "Thank you so much for a great Farm Tour 2023, and thank you for using #herestothefarmer to celebrate American farmers and provide meals to hungry families through 'Feeding America.' We've donated more than seven million meals since 2015, and I'm really proud of that....continue to give thanks to farmers for all they do and help communities around the country."

Over 14 years, Luke's "Farm Tours" have  helped generate 83 college scholarships and over seven million meals have been donated. 

Source: CountryNow


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