Location Of Garth’s Dive Bar Tour Kick Off Announced, May Air On “Kimmel”

Garth Brooks announced that he’ll be heading out on a Dive Bar tour, kicking off in Chicago on July 15th, and now we know exactly where he’ll be The first stop on the tour is set for Joes On Weed Street, and tickets will only be handed out through country radio. 

And it seems Jimmy Kimmel may be involved in the kick off for the tour, and may even air some it it. Garth tweeted, “Hey, @JimmyKimmel I think you should DIVE in on this! Want to help me kickoff the #DiveBarTour July 15 in Chicago?,” to which Jimmy replied, “You bet your giant hat I do.” Garth then replied to that, “Bring the cameras and let’s turn the whole country into a dive bar!!!!”

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