Dustin Lynch Met Girlfriend By Sliding Into Her DMs.

Dustin Lynch made his red carpet debut with his new girlfriend, model Kelli Seymour at the CMA Awards earlier this month, and it turns out they have social media to thank for their romance.

Revealing how they met, he shared on “The Sam Alex Show,” “I slid into her DMs on Instagram.” The now couple texted and video messaged each other for a while before they were finally able to meet up in person, with Dustin blaming his busy touring schedule for the delay.

“I was touring really heavily at the time … and it seemed like there was some chemistry there, so I was trying to figure out when I could go out and meet her for the first time,” he said. “My schedule just wasn’t allowing me that time to go do that, and so I invited her out to a show in California.”

He says the concert was “nice, neutral playing field” in case things didn’t go well, but luckily they did. “We ended up hitting it off and keeping in touch and seeing each other not long after, and still are. It’s been great,” Dustin shared. “We’re able to make it work and not be away from each other too long of a time.”

Source: People

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