Where is it written that we should go on dates at night? It seems like that’s just what everyone does, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of spending a weekend night going out with someone you may have a mediocre connection with, you may want to consider a “dawn date” instead.

A dawn date is just what it sounds like - going on a date sometime in the morning. Unlike an evening date, when you may feel tired or burned out from work, at the beginning of the day, you’re refreshed and, most likely, not drinking alcohol, so you can connect in a different way. Amanda Bradford, CEO and founder of the dating app The League, says dawn dating helps you see each other in a more natural light with less emphasis on what you’re wearing and outward appearances. Plus, dawn dating gives you a clearer end time, and if it ends up being incredible, it’s good to leave them wanting more.

According to Bradford, with dawn dating, you avoid the pressure of a romantic setting and can get to know each other in a setting where you can feel more like yourself. She says she’s seeing more singles embrace dawn dating and these are some dawn date ideas to consider trying.

  • Meet for coffee - This is one of the easiest dawn date options since you can meet at a coffee shop, take a walk while getting your caffeine fix, and it gives you something to do/drink.
  • Watch the sunrise - If you live near a scenic park or a beach, that’s the ideal location for this early morning meet-up.
  • Take a workout class - Perfect for when both of you are into fitness, as you get a rush of endorphins to start the day while connecting with someone who has similar goals.
  • Go golfing - If you both like to play, an early morning tee time can help you avoid the heat and crowds while you chat and finish a round of golf.
  • Walk the dog - For those who have a dog, this is probably already part of your morning routine, but it can make a good dawn date as well. You’ll get to see how they are around your pet and it can be as brief as you want, depending how you feel about them.
  • Hit the farmers’ market - What’s more low-key than wandering around and picking out tasty fruits and veggies together? If you feel a spark, you can always use the produce haul to cook a meal together later.
  • Go for breakfast - Less pressure than dinner, since you have to get on with your day, and there’s not usually alcohol involved at breakfast.

Source: Lifehacker

Talk Back:

  • And if the date’s a dud, at least it’ll be over early and you won’t have wasted a whole night on it!
  • Have you tried dawn dating? What did you guys do? Did you like it better than a night date?
  • What are your favorite dates for daytime?

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