Colt Ford Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Colt Ford had opened up about his recent battle with cancer. Back in April he revealed to fans that he was diagnosed with cancer after discovering a spot on his eye in March that continued to grow.

“I went to a doctor in Georgia that specialized in cataracts and all that stuff, and I remember them saying, 'This ain't good' and 'You gotta get this out,'" Colt tells “People.” "They wanted me to go see a cornea specialist...and that's when I started getting really nervous."

Colt wound up having surgery but he tells the mag he was “a week to 10 days from having to go on full chemo.” Instead he now needs to put chemo drops in his eye, and he’ll “need to watch” it going forward.

  • The diagnosis did make him change the way he looks at things. "I thought to myself … all the dumb s— I have done, I could have killed myself multiple times and this is what is going to take me out?" he says. "I know darn well that God never puts anything on you that you can't handle, but the Lord might have a lot more confidence in me than I thought." 
  • The pandemic was also pretty tough for Colt, who admits he needed antidepressants to get through it. But things are looking better for him now, and he even has a new song, “When Country Comes Back,” with the video set to drop later today. 

Source: People 

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