When you ask the classic get to know you question on a first date, “Do you have any siblings?” you may really want to pay attention to their response. It turns out, birth order can have a big impact on our love life. And the dating experts at Bumble have created a “birth order dating guide” to give us the red and green flags that come with dating an eldest, middle, youngest and only child.

“The order of our birth may influence how we behave in relationships, as our family dynamics play a key role in how we experience adult romantic relationships,” explains Bumble’s sex and relationship expert Dr. Caroline West. “Our birth order has the potential to shape how we show up in our relationships.”

Bumble’s Birth Order Dating Guide:

  • First born: Green flag tendencies: Organized, Ambitious, Takes charge

Red flag tendencies: Authoritative, Likes to be in control

According to Dr. Caroline, the oldest kid in the family is often a natural leader, which can be handy in a relationship since they may easily make plans. But since they’re used to being in control, that can cause issues.

  • Middle born: Green flag tendencies: Adaptable, Peacemaker, Mediator

Red flag tendencies: Self-conscious, Eager to please, Accommodating

Dr. Caroline says middle kids tend to be more flexible and used to compromise, so they can be great at finding balance in relationships, but they might not be as good at advocating for their own needs, which can lead to resentment.

  • Last born: Green flag tendencies: Sociable, Fun, Charming, Loving

Red flag tendencies: Excitable, Carefree, Self-regarding, Daredevil

The baby of the family can bring a sense of fun to the relationship, which is great during the honeymoon stage, but they may struggle with emotional intimacy later on, Dr. Caroline says.

  • Only child: Green flag tendencies: Mature, Independent, Ambitious

Red flag tendencies: Self-involved, Defensive, Overly-assertive

The dating app’s expert warns that the only child may struggle with compromise, which can affect how a couple’s arguments are resolved.

Source: Metro

Talk Back:

  • Think people will start adding things like “Only dates middle children” to their requirements?
  • Have you found that birth order makes a difference with your partners? Which one is best?
  • Does the description on Bumble’s birth order guide sound accurate to you? Which one are you?

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