September 16th marks 100 days until Christmas, and it’s the official start of cuffing season, according to Bumble. This is the time of year when singles are trying more to get coupled up, so they have someone to cozy up to during the cold months before the holiday season.

The dating app’s sex and relationship expert, Dr. Caroline West, notes that sometimes culture influences our views on dating, like how Christmas rom coms make us feel like we should be coupled up in the winter so we can have a holiday romance, too. She stresses that you can find a romantic spark any time of the year and while fall is a popular time for dating, no one should feel pressured to unless it feels right to them.

Bumble’s expert says people trying to cuff themselves may opt for a situationship, where you’re not quite dating, but you’re not entirely single either. West warns of three common situationships singles may find themselves in this cuffing season and how to deal with them.

  • Safety net situationship - People feeling pressure to couple up for the holidays may end up rekindling an old fling, which Bumble is calling “safety-netting.” There’s nothing wrong with getting back together with a former flame, but West points out that you don’t have to fall back on your “safety net.”
  • Shielding situationship - Do your friends and family make you feel bad for not having a significant other to bring to holiday events? You’re not alone, 38% of Gen Z and millennial Bumble users say the same. That feeling may lead people to “shield” themselves with a situationship to make their loved ones happy. Instead, West advises taking your time and intentionally dating, so you find someone who’s a better fit for you than rushing into a situationship.
  • Promising situationship - "Many people don't start their cuffing season situationship thinking it's going to be long term, but sometimes… it just ends up that way," West says. "It's important to remember that just because a relationship started in cuffing season, doesn’t mean it needs to end in it too."

Source: Mashable

Talk Back:

  • There’s no need to rush, people, it’s still technically summer!
  • Do you feel pressure to find someone during cuffing season? Are you up for a situationship, or a relationship?
  • So there are now less than 100 days until Christmas … have you done any shopping yet?

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