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Is Taylor Swift Getting Married?!

Is it true? It's only been four months since Taylor Swift met DJ Calvin Harris but now rumors say that Calvin is shopping for the perfect engagement ring. 

PRANK: The old "Twizzlers in the Mouth trick!

Some guy fell asleep in the backseat of a car, so his friends decided to see how many Twizzlers they could stick in his mouth without waking him up.  They managed to fit ELEVEN in there, plus two in his glasses before he came to.

MUST WATCH: Is the Fish really Dead?

A MUST WATCH.... The fish is dead. No head. No guts.

But when she tries to scale it, watch what happens...


WATCH: Dan and Shays New Music Video

It's finally here! The latest music video from Dan and Shay, "Nothin' Like You." By the way, the video has puppies! 

Tom Cruise Actually Clung to the Outside of an Airplane for the New "Mission: Impossible" Movie

TOM CRUISE has been doing his own stunts for years . . . but he may have performed his most dangerous stunt yet for"Mission:  Impossible - Rogue Nation".  There's a scene where Tom clings to the outside of an airplane as it takes flight . . . and yes, he REALLY DID IT. Watch the video here! 

WATCH: 108-Year-Old Woman Tosses First Pitch At MLB Game

A 108-year-old woman made history Saturday when she became the oldest person to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.Evelyn Jones threw out the pitch at the Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field before a game against the Los Angeles Angels.

Luke Bryan Defends Outlaw Country Comments

Luke Bryan is backtracking on some comments he made about his opinion of the outlaw country that he made during an interview with "Hits Daily Double." 

Someone Tried to Parallel Park and Crashed Into a Building

Someone in Scotland was trying to parallel park their car recently . . . and somehow crashed into a BUILDING. How does someone do this?  Then it looks like they were going to try it a second time, but just drove away instead.

A Woman Does a Huge Backflop on a Waterslide

A waterpark in Waco, Texas has a huge new waterslide, and a video they posted of it went viral last month.  But now a video of a woman doing a huge backflop on it is making the rounds.

Listen to Steven Tyler's new music video

Steven Tyler has gone country.  The Aerosmith rocker has dropped his first-ever country music single called "Love Is Your Name."  

Sam Hunt Invites You to a “House Party”

Sam Hunt sure likes to have fun on the road, and he’s giving fans a little taste of that with his new video “House Party” which debuted on Wednesday, June 17th. 

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