Almost all of the pieces of the Zach Bryan jigsaw puzzle are in place. After many teases and hints were dropped over the last few weeks, Zach finally released more information about the upcoming album on Friday, including who's guesting on the project and the complete track list. But he did fib about one thing.

Back in June, Zach said on social media that the album would consist of eleven tracks - he was quite specific, saying when a fan asked how many new songs they could expect, "11 baby I’m in my quality over quantity era." But Zach is apparently over-delivering: the new album has 15 songs, and 16 tracks overall. 

The song has four features: War And Treaty, The Lumineers, Sierra Ferrell and Kacey Musgraves, and comes out August 25. So what's left that we don't know about the project yet? The album's title, which is assumed to be simply "Zach Bryan," but the singer hasn't confirmed or denied that yet. See the track list for the album below. 

New Zach Bryan album track list:

1. “Fear & Fridays (poem)”
2. “Overtime”
3. “Summertime’s Close”
4. “East Side of Sorrow”
5. “Hey Driver (ft. War and Treaty)”
6. “Fear and Fridays”
7. “Ticking”
8. “Holy Roller (ft. Sierra Ferrell)”
9. “Jake’s Piano/ Long Island”
10. “El Dorado”
11. “I Remember Everything (ft. Kacey Musgraves)”
12. “Tourniquet”
13. “Spotless (ft. The Lumineers)”
14. “Tradesman”
15. “Smaller Acts”
16. “Oklahoma Son”

Source: WhiskeyRiff


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