Zac Brown Band’s “Same Boat” Inspired By Our Country’s Divide

Zac Brown Band’s latest single “Same Boat” is sitting in the Top 10 on the “Billboard” Country Airplay chart, and in a new interview Zac says the song was inspired by the political and cultural climate in the country.

“I got kind of sick to my stomach with all the political divide that our country was going through in the media and on social media, and just seeing the manipulation that was happening,” Zac shares. “What they painted America to be during that time is not what it is,” adding, “Obviously, there’s injustice and unrest in certain areas but that’s not the whole of who we are.” 

He adds, “I wanted to create something that helped people to see how we’re the same, rather than how divided we are," noting, "I believe in our country. It’s a strange world out there, but this is still the greatest country in the world.”

Source: Billboard 

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