Oliver Anthony is the biggest story in music, at a time when Taylor Swift rules the world and Morgan Wallen shaved off his mullet, an unknown farmer from rural Virginia has dropped like a bomb on the music world. His "Rich Men North Of Richmond" has garnered over 16M views on Youtube in less than two weeks, shot to the top of the ITunes singles chart, and has people forgetting all about "Try That In A Small Town."

The song itself seems to be a rallying cry for the working man, but people are finding ways to make it divisive, with more liberal voices calling it a "right-wing anthem" and more conservative voices applauding the tune for its unvarnished worker's lament. So how does Oliver see the song? What does he want people to take from it? Anthony posted a video clip addressing what he hopes the song accomplishes. 

"In this moment in time, when so many people are feeling these same frustrations, it would be wonderful to capitalize on that, and just use that positive energy to help other people in life. Maybe people that are different than you. People that you normally wouldn’t connect with. I can tell you from my experience in the jobs I’ve had and all the people I’ve talked to, everyone has a really interesting story if you just give them the time to talk."

Anthony continued, "And it’s easy to walk down the sidewalk beside somebody, and look down at the ground and look at your phone. But that really is a big part of the problem. We’re all so disconnected from each other. We need to find a way to take this energy from this anomaly of a song, from this stupid guy that, I mean look… I appreciate the compliments but I’m not a good musician, I hardly know my way around the guitar, my singing is okay, but that’s not what made this. It’s you, and the struggles in your life. That’s what made this what it is. Find a way to start fixing those problems. Find a way to start having good conversations with the people around you… that’s all I want out of this."

Source: WhiskeyRiff


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