Walker Hayes Drops New Single; Changes “AA” Lyrics After Losing Bet

Walker Hayes is out with a new single. The singer, who had a huge hit with “Fancy Like” just released the new track “Drinking Songs,” which he wrote with Jordan Gray.

“‘Drinking Songs’ is one of my favorites off the new album,” Walker shares. “I don’t drink anymore but I still connect with how a song can get you through, just like a drink can for some people.” He adds, “Plus, the lyrics and the beat just have a relatable quality to them that feels so country to me.”

  • Meanwhile, Walker took to Instagram to perform his other single “AA” but with new lryrics after losing a bet on Monday’s College Football Playoff National Championship, which saw Georgia beat Alabama 33-18. In the new version, instead of singing “In Alabama where they love Nick Saban,” he changed the lyrics to “Down in Athens, Georgia/ Where they love Kirby Smart.” 

Source: Sounds Like Nashville

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