Thomas Rhett Says “Country Again” Was The “Hardest” And “Easiest” Record He’s Made

Thomas Rhett’s new album “Country Again: Side A” drops today, and he admits it wasn’t easy picking the songs that made it on to the record, or its companion, “Side B,” which is coming out later this year.

Thomas says they originally started with about “75 to 100 songs,” and then “whittled ‘em down into 30,” eventually recording about 25. 

“In many ways it was the hardest record I’ve made because we haven’t done it like this in a long time,” he shares. “But in some ways it was the easiest record I’ve made because I was so sure in the songs and so sure with the choices that we made.” 

He adds, “it just felt like every song we recorded was like that’s right, that’s right. At least for me, in my brain and my heart they were all the right decisions that I wanted to make as a person today.” 

Source: Thomas Rhett

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