Thomas Rhett Liked Doing Something “Different” With Christmas EP

As we told you, Thomas Rhett recently dropped a four-song holiday EP, and it may not sound the way some people would expect it to coming from him.

“It was so fun to tap into just a different lane besides what we normally do,” Thomas shares. “And in this go around, specifically for these four songs, I wanted to kinda go with the big band approach.” 

Thomas admits recording the tunes were “challenging,” sharing, “it kinda changed my brain to think differently, and gave me a way deeper appreciation for all the classic singers.” He adds that it was “a really, really fun project to make, and somethin’ that I would love to do again.”

And if you think releasing a Christmas EP before Thanksgiving is a bit early, that’s simply not the case at Thomas’ home. He notes, "The moment that Thanksgiving is done, well actually in my house, the moment Halloween is done we are listening to Christmas music only.”

Source: Thomas Rhett

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