Thomas Rhett Can Thank His Wife’s Dad For Them Getting Together

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren seem like the perfect couple, but if it wasn’t for Lauren’s father they may have never gotten together. Thomas and Lauren have known each other since they were kids, but were always just friends, until Lauren’s dad gave Thomas an ultimatum at a graduation party for Lauren’s sister. 

“It was a sliding-door moment, where it could’ve gone the other way,” Thomas tells HitsDailyDouble. “We were dating other people. In another world, we might have married them. But there was always something different about Lauren, and we both felt it, but we never figured it out.” He added, “I’d loved that girl since high school, and I told her father how I felt. He said, ‘If you don’t tell her, I’m going to.’ It was a total Ryan Gosling moment.”

And apparently, things went well when he fessed up. “I said to her, ‘I just want to kiss you one time. If you don’t feel anything, we can go back to being friends,'” he explains. “I’ve learned this: It’s wise to confront things instead of holding them in. That creates resistance instead of resolution.”

ONE MORE THING! Thomas and Lauren are now proud parents to two daughters, and Thomas says he’s learned not to argue with his girls when it comes to certain things, like what they want to wear, whether it’s to the movies, or a nice dinner out. He jokes, “They have their own brain and there’s just a lot of things that are just not even worth fighting about.” 

Source: HitsDailyDouble 

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