Our language is always evolving, with new words being created and new meanings being added to existing words. If you’ve recently listened to someone and had no idea what a word they said meant, you’re not alone, and Merriam-Webster is here to help.

The dictionary is expanding once again and they just added 690 new words - that’s almost twice as many as the new entries added last year. These are some of the new additions (check out the full list here)

  • Rizz - (slang) romantic appeal or charm
  • Foggo - (slang) dog
  • Simp - to show excessive devotion to or longing for someone or something
  • GOATED - (slang) considered to be the greatest of all time
  • Bussin’ - (African American English slang) extremely good : excellent; especially : delicious, tasty
  • TFW - abbreviation for that feeling when — used especially on social media or in text messages to introduce a relatable scenario or an image that evokes a specific feeling
  • Smishing - the practice of sending text messages to someone in order to trick the person into revealing personal or confidential information which can then be used for criminal purposes
  • Jorts - shorts made of denim or jean : jean shorts
  • Rage quit - to suddenly stop participating or engaging in (something) in a fit of anger and frustration : to quit (something) in anger
  • Jump scare - a scripted moment (as in a film or video game) intended to startle the audience
  • Thirst trap - a photograph (such as a selfie) or video shared for the purpose of attracting attention or desire; someone or something that attracts attention or strong desire
  • Chef’s kiss - a gesture of satisfaction or approval made by kissing the fingertips of one hand and then spreading the fingers with an outward motion — often used interjectionally

Source: Merriam-Webster

Talk Back:

  • Jump scare and jorts? Those terms aren’t new, it’s just taken the dictionary this long to catch up!
  • Do you think these new additions deserve to be in the dictionary? What about all the slang and abbreviations?
  • What words do you think should be added to the dictionary?

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