The Top Things That Say You’re Old,According To Millennials

As if those sudden, unexplainable aches ad pains you feel each morning isn’t already a sign that you’re getting old, apparently some of the every day things you do are a sure tip off to some that you are part of an older generation.

  • The UK energy retailer Love Energy Savings polled a group of Millenials to find out what are some of the clear signs that a person is old and some of the results may shock you.
  • Apparently, if you have cash in your wallet you are ancient;
  • 28% of people say that using cash is one of the biggest signs that you’re old.
  • Another dead give away? - Putting a hankie up your sleeve, which another 28% see as a sign of old age.
  • Other top signs someone is old include:
    • Getting bills through the mail (25%)
    • Having fancy cutlery for special occasions (24%)
    • Writing lists with pen and paper (23%)
    • Smoking (23%)
    • Describing a tune as ‘banging’ (22%)
    • Calling for a taxi instead of using an app (22%)
    • Watching actual TV (20%)
    • Still being on Facebook (18%)
    • Reading books (18%)
    • Talking on the phone (15%)
    • Wearing skinny jeans (14%)
    • Using a camera (13%)
    • Dating in real life (12%)
    • Not having pronouns in your Instagram bio (11%)
    • Eating Dairy (9%) 

Source: The Mail

Thought Starters…

  • If using cash makes me old, than I’m totally okay with that…
  • Do you agree that things on this list are an instant give away that someone is old?
  • What do you think is an instant give away that someone’s old? What do you think are telltale signs that someone is a Millennial or Gen Z?

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