Taylor Swift Selling Special Single Of “Cardigan” With Original Voice Memo

Taylor Swift fans have until midnight tomorrow to get their hands on a very special single release. The singer announced she’s selling a limited-edition “Cardigan” single collection on her website, and it features all sorts of goodies.

The single is available in seven-inch and 12-inch vinyl editions and on CD. More importantly, it comes with the original voice memo idea she sent  to co-writer/producer Aaron Dessner on April 27th, featuring alternative lyrics. It also comes with a handwritten note describing Taylor’s writing process, and audio of her singing a cappella over the original track.

"Thank you for all the love you've shown ‘Folklore,’” Taylor shared with fans in a handwritten note. “It's been the most magical creative adventure of my life thus far, and I wanted to share with you a recording of how it all started -- the first recording I ever sent to Aaron for 'Cardigan,' including the original lyric and lots of rambling." 

  • Interestingly, the single announcement revealed that Taylor was kinda lying to her fans during quarantine. Swifties noticed that on April 27th, the day she sent the voice memo to Dessner, she posted a photo on Instagram basically suggesting she was doing nothing in quarantine. On that exact day she posted a makeup-free selfie with the caption, “Not a lot going on at the moment.”
  • But of course she lied to fans because basically very few people knew the album was even in the works. In case you missed it, Dessner said in an interview with Pitchfork that her label didn’t even know about “Folklore.” “There was no outside influence at all,” he said of making the record. “In fact, nobody knew, including her label, until hours before it was launched.” 

In other Taylor news...

  • Taylor's team is responding to accusations that Tay's "Folklore" logo is a rip off.   Amira Rasool, of the Black-owned business "The Folklore," suggested in a social media post that Tay is selling merch with the words "The Folklore," noting, "based on the similarities of the design, I believe the designer of the merch ripped off my company's logo," adding, "I am not going to let this blatant theft go unchecked."
  • But Taylor's team has responded insisting "absolutely no merchandise using 'the' before the words 'folklore album' has been manufactured or sent out," adding "in good faith, we honored her request and immediately notified everyone who had ordered merchandise with the word 'the' preceding 'folklore album' that they will now receive their order with the design change."
  • Rasool later commended Taylor's quick action, adding, "I recognize that she has been a strong advocate for women protecting their creative rights, so it was good to see her team is on the same page."
  • It seems that some fans think Taylor's "Folklore" track "Betty" is inspired by a song the "Friends" character Phoebe Buffay sings in an episode. Just like "Betty," Phoebe's song is about a love triangle, only hers is the one between Ross, Rachel, and Ross' one-time girlfriend Julie. The tune was called "Two of Them Kissed Last Night," referring to Ross and Rachel.
  • As one person noted, "so taylor swift really was just chilling at home watching friends and saw phoebe write a song about a girl named betty in a love triangle and taylor swift really thought “you know what, i’m gonna do that...but better.”

Source: Taylor Swift

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