Relationship Green Flags We Should Be Looking For

We hear a lot about common relationship red flags to be aware of, but what about the green flags? With so much attention on the signs warning us that a partner could be potentially toxic, like controlling behavior, we might not recognize what we should be looking for in a relationship. So what are the signs that everything is going well and you’re in a healthy and happy romance? These are the green flags you want to see:

  • You feel better when you’re with them AND fine when you’re not - If your partner’s face lights up when they see you enter a room or your confidence spikes when they’re around, those are good things. Feeling on top of the world when you’re together is fantastic, but the real upside here is both of you knowing you can survive without each other.
  • You can easily talk about big issues - Being comfortable talking about your concerns, fears and issues with your partner is a sign you have a solid relationship. It can be intimidating to bring up things like wanting kids in the future, so if you can do it easily with your sweetie, that’s a huge green flag.
  • You argue, but you always work it out - Every couple fights at some point, but it’s how you resolve those disagreements that matters. Being able to talk through it and resolve the issue with minimal screaming shows your relationship is in a good place.
  • You feel loved and appreciated - Having your partner tell you how much they love you is important, but they should show you how they feel as well. Words are nice, but actions really do speak louder. So if your S.O. makes you feel loved and appreciated with their behavior, that’s another green flag.
  • You share the same values in life - If you want a future with someone, wanting the same things out of life is crucial. Sacrificing one of your core values can cause resentment and turn a relationship toxic. But being on the same page with your principles is a great sign for your future together.

Source: Your Tango

Thought Starters:

  • Red flags are so last year! Green flags are where it’s at!
  • And if you feel safe being yourself around them? That’s another green flag for sure!
  • What are your relationship green flags?

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