Parker McCollum Says Headlining "Houston Rodeo" Is His "Pinnacle"

Parker McCollum achieved his “ultimate goal” of performing at the Houston Rodeo on last night, he says. McCollum opened the Rodeo last night, a follow-up to his sold-out debut appearance last year.

“Performing at Houston Rodeo on opening night is kind of the pinnacle for me. Really the one thing I set out to do when I first picked up a guitar, I did it, and now I’m getting to do it twice, and now I’m getting to do it on opening night,” McCollum shares in a statement.

But he’s not done - McCollum goes on to say that despite being at the “pinnacle” now, he wants to keep growing and see “how big of a level” he can get. “Everything else is just a bonus,” he says.

Source: Universal Music Group

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