Draven Riffe, co-manager of viral juggernaut Oliver Anthony, says "In our opinion, God has chosen to speak through Oliver and to speak to all Americans through his music, all around the world,” adding he's gotten messages from new fans from all over the globe. It's hard to argue against his claim of divine inspiration, when you look at what Anthony's song "Rich Men North Of Richmond" has done in just over two weeks. Not one to slow down, Anthony has issued a follow-up video to his massive hit.

Titled "I Want To Go Home," the song was one of a number of songs Anthony self-recorded and released over the last few years to his (then) dozens of fans. The new video is set in the same sparse setting as his "Rich Men" video - and tills the same musical ground: Anthony and his guitar, singing about his mental health issues, a world run amuck, and an overwhelming feeling of desperation. In one day, the new video has over 2M views on YouTube. Check out the new tune to the right

  • One small glitch in the world's love affair with the Virginia native; in an interview with Fox News on site at a show over the weekend, Anthony used the word "diversity," which set off some of his more conservative fans. "We are the melting pot of the world and that’s what makes us strong, our diversity," Anthony said to the interviewer, which garnered support and rebuke. "Such a let down. Did he sell out already to the rich men north of Richmond?" one commenter said on Twitter. Another added, "Damn, thought we had a real one. He switched up so fast," while still others clapped back at the negative responders. 

Source: Billboard


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