Old Dominion’s Latest Album Was “Born Out Of The Pandemic”

Old Dominion’s new album “Time, Tequila & Therapy” is out now, and frontman Matthew Ramsey says it’s a record that was “born out of the pandemic.” 

“We were in lockdown, we had all this time on our hands,” he shares, “and we thought, why not go outside of Nashville and try to create something and you know, give it a little bit of time to really just ruminate and be creative.”

The band wound up going down to Asheville, North Carolina, spending their days writing, and their nights recording “just to see what we came up with.”  Matthew notes, “what we wound up with was 13 songs, that’s 'Time, Tequila & Therapy.'”

Those 13 songs include the hit single “I Was On A Boat That Day,” and “No Hard Feelings,” which they just released a video for. 

Source: Old Dominion


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