Are Morgan Wallen and Kristin Cavallari dating? Have they been on a date? Inquiring minds want to know - and so does Andy Cohen. The former reality star was on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" when fans Zoom-called in and asked her about the celebrity she's been dating - a celeb that her three kids are known fans of.

Before she could answer, Cohen said, "It's obviously Morgan Wallen," explaining that her kids are acknowledged fans of the country superstar. But Kristin wasn't going to confirm or deny that, squirming in her chair as she said, "I'm not answering that question!" But Cohen wasn't done prying, adding, "It's NOT Morgan Wallen, because you said you never went on a date with him." 

"Did I say that?" Cavallari responded, to which Cohen shot back, "You said you're not dating him," a point which Kristen agreed with. "So you went on a date..." Cohen continued in his best imitation of a prosecutor. "I don't know...," Cavallari responded, laughing while making a "lips are sealed" motion. "Wow, I think we just cracked the case," Cohen concluded, which Kristen laughed along with but remained mum about whether Cohen had discovered her secret. 

Source: PageSix


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