Morgan Wallen Admits Things Got “Pretty Dark”

Morgan Wallen’s career seems to be back on track following the controversy surrounding the 2021 video of him saying a racial slur, and he admits things got “pretty dark” for awhile after it happened.

“It got pretty dark for sure,” he shared during an interview on “The Highway.” “You know, I’m a pretty … I feel like I’m a pretty resilient person, and I’m a pretty happy person in general. But that was definitely a really difficult time, you know?”

He adds, “But we tried to keep my sight set on better things. I feel like if we just stay true to who I knew I really was, that it would … we would come out all right.”

As for whether he learned any lessons in the last year, he notes, “There was definitely a few of them that’s been learned, and I’m still trying to learn everything I can,” adding, “that’s part of what I love about life and that’s what I love about anything, like golf, for example. That’s why I love golf, I can’t figure it out.” 

Source: Billboard

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