ERNEST Releases "Kiss Of Death"ERNEST has released a new song that harkens back to the bluegrass that he loves. Titled "Kiss Of Death," the song blends a traditional bluegrass instrumentation with more modern themes and lyrics. "I’m digging deeper into some of the stuff I was cutting my teeth on as a real young kid with a banjo and a dream,” Ernest says. "The folk/bluegrass influences that I absorbed from such a young age…. I’ve been playing 'Kiss Of Death' and some other new ones on the road already, and seeing our crowd’s reactions to the new music is priceless." See what you think of ERNEST's latest; 

Hulk Hogan The Latest To Pop Up At A Jason Aldean Concert: Earlier this month we told you about Toby Keith popping up on stage to join Jason Aldean when his tour passed through Oklahoma. As the "Highway Desperado" tour wrapped up in Florida over the weekend, another celeb joined Aldean on stage - wrestling legend Hulk Hogan! After Jason introduced him as "The G.O.A.T," Hulkster took the mic. "What's up, Jason Aldean maniacs?!" he yelled to the crowd, after walking up to the mic holding Aldean's guitar. "What's up, Tampa, Florida? Let me hear how much love you've got for JasonMania, brother," Hogan continued. "We love you." He then waved and blew kisses to the crowd, getting a quick handshake and hug from Aldean before departing the stage. Whatchoo gonna do when the Hulkster makes a surprise appearance on-stage for you? 

Fishing Injury Sends Luke Bryan's Kid To The ER: Luke Bryan's 13-year-old son Tate wound up in the ER after a fishing accident, but the young man toughed it out - and kept his priorities straight. The young outdoorsman took a fishing hook to the knee that bought him a trip to the hospital. His mom, of course, posted the whole incident on her socials"How ya feeling?" Caroline Bryan asks her son at the beginning of the social media post, pointing the camera towards the hook embedded in her son's knee. "I at least caught the trout," Tate replies. Mom seems more disturbed than Tate does; 

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