Mitchell Tenpenny Drops Tracklist For New Album

As we told you, Mitchell Tenpenny recently announced his new album “This Is The Heavy,” will drop September 16th, and now he’s shared the track list for the record.

The album features 20 songs all co-written by Mitchell, including his current Top 10 hit “Truth About You,” and the just-released track “Always Something With You.” 

“’Always Something With You is a very simple song about how your significant other is always on your mind,” he shares. “Everything reminds you of them and that’s as simple as it gets. They are the best thing about your world and that’s the song about it.”

Check out “Always Something With You” to the right and the track list below:

  • “This Is the Heavy”
  • “Good Place”
  • “Always Something with You”
  • “We Got History”
  • “Truth About You”
  • “Sleeping Alone”
  • “More Than Whiskey Does”
  • “Obsession”
  • “Good and Gone”
  • “Do You”
  • “Bucket List”
  • “Cry Baby”
  • “Miss You Cause I’m Drinking”
  • “Elephant in the Room”
  • “Happy and I Hate It”
  • “Now We’re Talking”
  • “Losers”
  • “Still Thinkin’ ‘Bout You”
  • “Long as You Let Me”
  • “That’s How She Goes”

Source: Mitchell Tenpenny

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