Mickey Guyton On What She Hopes Fans Will Take Away From Her Debut Album

Mickey Guyton’s debut album “Remember Her Name” comes out Friday, and she hopes fans can get a lot from the record. 

“I want to say to people and my fans that it is okay to be comfortable in yourself, and it’s okay to talk about the hard things and talk about how you got through those hard things,” she says. “And that’s what this album is about.”

She adds, “It’s about trial and error. It’s about love. It’s about laughter,” noting, “It’s about lessons and what makes you unique as a human being on this earth.” 

  • ONE MORE THING! Mickey is set to voice the character of country western singer Wanda Warbler on a new episode of “Mickey Mouse Fun House.” “I literally cannot. How incredible is this?!,” she shares. “Being a part of Mickey Mouse Funhouse is a dream come true!” Her episode of the Disney Channel show premieres October 15th. Check out her character below: 

Source: Mickey Guyton

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