Maren Morris Spotlighted In New YouTube Doc

Maren Morris is the subject of YouTube’s latest Artist Spotlight Stories, with the 15-minute doc featuring footage of her childhood, as well as performance clips and interviews with Maren, her husband Ryan Hurd, collaborators Busbee and Zedd and more.

Maren reveals in the doc that Dolly Parton inspired her to become a songwriter, noting “I mirrored a lot of my choices off what she’s done.” She also shares that she had no doubt her debut single “My Church” would be a hit, admitting it was the first song she wrote where she felt “territorial.” She also insists the success of her crossover track “The Middle” actually helped country music by bringing in more listeners to the genre.

Maren also shares that her latest album “Girl” is, “one of [her] proudest works to date,” adding, “I think I’m making some of the most honest music of my career.” Check it out to the right

Source: Maren Morris

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