Maddie & Tae Announce Release Date For Sophomore Album

Maddie & Tae are finally ready to release their sophomore album. The pair announced that the record, “The Way It Feels,” will drop April 10th

The album features 15 songs, some of which appeared on the two EPs from last year, including their collaboration with Dierks Bentley, “Lay Here With Me.”

“It has been four years since we’ve released an album. For us, this is a lot more than just an album release,” Maddie Marlow shares. “This sophomore album will always be a reminder that no matter the setbacks and struggles, we will come out stronger and better.” 

Tae Dye adds, “These songs will always represent something so beautiful and spiritual to us. And hopefully, it will represent something similar to people who listen.” 

Check out the track list below:

  • “Everywhere I’m Goin’”
  • “Bathroom Floor”
  • “My Man”
  • “Tourist In This Town”
  • “Drunk Or Lonely”
  • “One Heart To Another”
  • “Trying On Rings”
  • “Write A Book”
  • “Water In His Wine Glass”
  • “Ain’t There Yet”
  • “Lay Here With Me” (feat. Dierks Bentley)
  • “Friends Don’t”
  • “Die From A Broken Heart”
  • “I Don’t Need To Know”
  • “New Dog Old Tricks”

Source: Maddie & Tae

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