Luke Bryan Is Guaranteeing A White Christmas

Luke Bryan is certainly looking forward to Christmas with the family, and this year he’s confident he’s going to get some snow.

“We are insuring ourselves of a white Christmas,” he says. “We’re going snow skiing on Christmas. So, snowmen, chestnuts roasting by an open fire, the whole Jack Frost thing, snow skiing, chapped skin, busted lips…”

But just because he’s going snowing, doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily say goodbye to his family traditions. One of the biggest traditions they have is to eat chili dogs on Christmas Eve in their pajamas. Luke says he even has to go with his mother shopping for all the ingredients for the dogs, and she’s very particular on what she wants, noting "it's a ritual."

Luke adds that his favorite thing about the holiday is “watching the kids” and their “excitement for what they may or may not be getting.” And while he admits it can be exhausting, since you have to get up at six am, he notes, “It doesn’t get any better than certainly waking up on Christmas mornings and just having that special time.”

Source: Luke Bryan

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