A viral video on social media has inspired a debate about places that are unacceptable to go on a first date. It all started with a woman named Alicia, who filmed herself sitting in a car and refusing to get out because of the restaurant her date took her to on their first date. It was The Cheesecake Factory and she wasn’t happy, saying, “Who takes someone who looks like this to a chain restaurant?”

After the video received more than 8-million views, a list of “places women refuse to go on a first date” started to go viral on X, formerly known as Twitter. The Cheesecake Factory is number one and a lot of popular restaurant chains like Chili’s, Applebee’s, Olive Garden and Red Lobster are also included, along with places like the gym, bowling alleys, sporting events and family functions.

The list has inspired a debate online about where it’s acceptable to go on a first date, and plenty of people have jumped in to share their love for restaurants on the list, like one user who commented, “When did y’all become too good for Cheesecake Factory??”

Here’s the first 10 items on the list of supposedly bad first date spots:

  1. Cheesecake Factory
  2. Applebee’s
  3. Chili’s
  4. Chipotle
  5. Olive Garden
  6. The Movies
  7. Your House
  8. Any Fast Food Chain
  9. Buffalo Wild Wings
  10. Wingstop

Source: People

Talk Back:

  • Have these people never had the avocado egg rolls? I’d go to The Cheesecake Factory just to eat those!
  • What do you think? Are women justified in not wanting to go to these places on a first date?
  • What spots do you consider unacceptable for a first date? Where would you like to be taken?

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