Lauren Alaina Gives Us A Relationship Update

Lauren Alaina is no longer dating comedian John Crist, and it seems her love life is on hold at the moment.

“No dates yet,” she tells “Us Weekly,” but that could be because she’s a little busy. “I’m dating ‘Dancing With the Stars’ right now, and it’s getting better,” adding, “We’re warming up to each other a little bit.”

And while a lot of folks have been getting in touch with her because of the show, nothing romantic’s going on. “I mean, a lot of people are reaching out and being very supportive, so that’s nice,” she says. “But I don’t need a boyfriend. Literally, this week, I’m dating the samba. And we’re trying to work through some things already. I’m dating the samba right now, and he wants to move a whole lot faster than me.”

Source: Us Weekly

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