Lauren Alaina Announces New EP, Dropping Song Tomorrow

Lauren Alaina is set to drop a new EP this fall. “Getting Over Him” is set to drop September 4th, featuring the brand new single “Run,” which drops tomorrow.

“We are all running. Constantly. Non-Stop. Even in this quarantine we are all still the busiest we’ve ever been. Life just keeps going and going and going in unbelievable paces as we try to race ourselves to the next thing,” Lauren shares of the song. “My idea with the song was to refer to examples of all things that run because no matter what your walk of life is, we are all racing to the next thing.” 

She adds, “We are all trying to get where we are going. We all get our hearts broken. We all have these childhood dreams. We ‘run’ to make it all happen.”

The EP features two duets, the title track with Jon Pardi, and “What Do You Think Of,” with Lukas Graham. Check out the track list below:

  • “Run”
  • “If I Was A Beer
  • “Bar Back”
  • “Getting Over Him” (duet with Jon Pardi)
  • “Seen You In Your Hometown”
  • “What Do You Think Of” (duet with Lukas Graham)

Source: Lauren Alaina

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