Charles Kelley knew it was time for a change. His band, Lady A, was on the road in the middle of a tour when he came to a decision - to step away from the spotlight and deal with what really mattered: his health, and his struggles with alcohol. Ten months later and with a new outlook on life, Charles and Lady A are back on the road. This morning Charles and his wife Cassie sat down with Gayle King on "CBS Mornings" to talk about his struggles with alcohol, and how his life has changed since taking a break to get his life straight.

"I'm living on this even keel where the little mundane things, I'm looking forward to more," he said. He offers examples of waking up in the morning, taking his son to school and sitting in bed reading at night with his wife. "You know, putting my hand over and holding her hand, I would never have done that. I would have been in that bed with a glass of wine or something and watching some kind of trash TV and not really connecting at all."

The full interview aired this morning on CBS. 

Source: CMT

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