Kelsea Ballerini Makes Surprise Appearance In Nashville

Kelsea Ballerini made a surprise live appearance in Nashville last week. The singer stopped by the Listening Room, where she joined songwriter Jimmy Robbins, one of the co-writers of her latest single “Homecoming Queen?”

Before performing the tune, Kelsea shared the story behind the song, noting, “I was just in this season where I was kind of portraying myself on the Instagram as being very together and very glittery and very happy,” she said, admitting that was far from the truth.

She shares, “I was 25 at the time and I’m still figuring out who I am and what makes me me and what makes me sad and what makes me vulnerable and insecure,” adding, “I was going through that intellectually and privately, and that’s not a way to go through that kind of thing.” Check out the performance to the right.

Source: The Listening Room

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