Keith Urban Talks The Personal Connection To “Wild Hearts”

Keith Urban’s new song “Wild Hearts” is a very personal one, and one line in particular mentions seeing Johnny Cash with his father when he was five, which was pretty special moment for him.

In the song, he sings, "Saw the Man in Black / Spotlight in the air / Heard a thousand screams / Saw my daddy stare," and Keith tells “People,” it’s a moment he wouldn’t forget because suddenly he wanted that reaction too.

“Look I probably felt like I wasn't the type to get my dad's attention like that," he said, "How come? Like what's going on up there?”

As for writing the song, Keith says he got to work on it after he failed in an attempt to learn to cook during lockdown. "I was gonna learn cooking and I said, 'I can't cook!' I think Nic was gonna learn a language and didn't,” he said, referring to wife Nicole Kidman. “Yeah, we had all sorts of plans that just ... no.” He did note, "That's not true actually, Nic got better at her Italian.”

Source: People

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