Keith Urban Shares "Craziest" Story From Taylor Swift Collab

In a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Keith Urban told what he calls the “craziest” story behind his collaboration with Taylor Swift. According to Keith, Taylor texted him while he was doing his Christmas shopping at a mall, saying “I’ve got these couple of songs I want you to sing on, do you want to hear them?”

What else would anyone say except “Sure!” Taylor sent him the songs, and Keith sat in the food court to listen to them. You would assume that the people around him in the mall would have been shocked to know what he was doing.

He listened to them, and according to Keith he “loved the songs and luckily got to put a vocal on both of those.” The songs in question, of course, are “That’s When" and “We Were Happy,” two of the tracks on Taylor’s newly released album.


 Source: E! Online

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