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Keith Urban Releases Live Version Of “You’ll Think Of Me”

Keith Urban is celebrating his 2004 hit “You’ll Think Of Me.” The singer just dropped a special live version of the tune.

“This song has become such a special moment during our shows and sooooo many of you have been asking for this version over the years,” he shared ahead of opening night of his new tour. “Now, on the day THE SPEED OF NOW World Tour kicks off, it’s yours.”

Keith’s says the tune goes through all the “mixed emotions” of heartbreak. “Part of you is initially just devastated, heartbroken, grief-stricken, just distraught, you’re totally broken,” he explains, “and the other part of you is trying to maintain whatever pride you’ve got left,” noting, “About the only thing you can come out with is, ‘Yeah, well, you will regret this.’” 

Source: Keith Urban

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